Before setting up Kubify, Tamsin worked in learning technology research and was particularly interested in how co-design (actively involving users as part of the design team) could help to produce better software and to increase its adoption by organisations and users.  Co-design research in universities is not quite the same as co-design in practice, but Tamsin has tried to bring the benefits she saw in this research into our design and development of Kubify’s Learning Toolbox.  We really try to learn from how people use Kubify’s Learning Toolbox and to involve them in the ongoing development of the platform. We know its working when people refer to Learning Toolbox as their tool and tell us that they feel powerful because they see their ideas coming to life in it.

If you’re interested in finding out more then Tamsin is giving her 5 tips in 5 minutes co-design presentation as part of the Meetings and Event Support Association (MESA) meeting on the 21st November. All MESA members are welcome. If you are not a MESA member already then take a look at all the great benefits you get from joining this friendly and supportive group.  November’s session will focus on a really interesting discussion of how to build effective teams through neuroscience, led by John Martinez from Shocklogic.

If you want to learn more about the theoretical background to co-design then a great place to start is Sanders & Stappers 2008 paper. If you want to find out more about Tamsin’s previous research and publications then take a look at her ResearchGate profile.

Screenshot of the first slide in the 5 Tips in 5 Minutes presentation