This month has shown very clearly that there is a wide recognition of the problem with poster sessions at conferences. On the 25th March Mike Morrison posted a YouTube video outlining the poster problem and introducing his proposal for a better paper poster design. In just one month that YouTube video has been viewed over 100,000 times, with viewers commenting on how they recognise the bad poster experiences that he describes.

We love Mike’s video and would encourage you to watch it to understand the bad experiences that many poster presenters and viewers have at conferences. The new paper poster design that Mike proposes will certainly help to address these problems for conferences that continue with the paper poster format.

We believe that the Learning Toolbox solution provides a similar radical improvement for ePosters by providing support for interactive content, discussions attached to the ePoster and easy sharing of the ePoster within and beyond the conference.

Want to find out more about our ideas and our vision for ePosters? Watch the very first video we made about Learning Toolbox for ePosters! We’re also planning on taking on some of Mike’s ideas in our next re-design of our mini-poster format. We’re always open to new ideas and our aim is to improve the conference and learning experience for all.