Learning Toolbox for ePosters

Kubify’s Learning Toolbox is an award-winning ePoster platform and is a versatile tool that can also be used to support other event and education activities.

Learning Toolbox allows people to quickly and easily build their own stacks of interactive and multimedia material and share them with others. These dynamic stacks can be used as ePosters, research calling cards or learning resources.

Rich ePoster content

A Learning Toolbox ePoster can contain many different rich resources such as videos, images, audio, apps, presentations, twitter and links to interactive online resources.

Easy creation of ePosters

Learning Toolbox has a powerful and easy to use online editor allowing authors to easily collect, collate and display the resources that form their ePoster.

ePosters are editable even after publishing, so authors can update their poster following discussions at the conference. Viewers will always see the most up-to-date version.


High visibility at the event with no need for specialist equipment

Learning Toolbox also creates a mini-poster for each ePoster. The mini-posters can be displayed prominently at the event, ensuring that the ePosters have a high visibility.

Each mini-poster shows a brief summary of the ePoster and its unique QR code.

Viewers simply scan the mini-poster’s QR code to open the ePoster and start exploring. There is no need to hire expensive, specialist equipment to display the ePosters.


Easily find ePosters that interest you

Viewers can also browse  and search the online showcase for the event, showing all the ePosters.

By simply clicking the ePoster’s summary tile, the participant can view and interact with the ePoster from a standard web browser.


Suitable for multiple presentation and discussion formats

The ePosters can also be easily presented by the author in a standard presentation set-up or discussed in a round table format.

No special equipment is required.

Meaningful interactions – connecting people and sharing ideas

Viewers can explore and interact with all of the rich material and resources that an author chooses to include in their ePoster.

As well as this, Learning Toolbox provides a number of additional ways in which viewers can interact with the ePoster itself, with other viewers and with the ePoster author.

Each ePoster has a dedicated chat area that can be used by all viewers, including the author, to post questions or to share insights that are related to the ePoster or the authors’ work. This discussion is attached to the ePoster itself.


Viewers can mark an ePoster as a favourite so that they can easily return to it. This also subscribes them to update notifications sent by the ePoster author.


Authors can send messages to their subscribed ePoster viewers to announce ePoster updates or significant announcements that are related to their work.

The ePoster can also contain other interactive elements that allow their viewers to interact with the ePoster itself or with the entire ePoster event, for instance to cast their vote in a Best ePoster competition.


Case Study – ePosters at AMEE 2017

AMEE (The Association for Medical Education) was the very first conference to use the Learning Toolbox ePosters. They used us to bring ePosters to their large, annual conference in 2017 (Helsinki 26-30th August) and we have continued working with them every year since.

You can read a short case study of the ePosters at AMEE 2017. You can also watch (see below) two of the videos that we created for AMEE’s participants, explaining how the ePosters would work at their conference. Our general instructional videos and FAQs for ePoster authors can be found on our support page.

Introduction to ePosters at AMEE 2017

Exploring ePosters at AMEE 2017

Pitch Video

Want to find out more about our ideas and our vision for ePosters? Watch the very first pitch video we made about Learning Toolbox for ePosters!

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