What are the benefits for conference organisers?

Conference organisers and associations love Kubify’s Learning Toolbox: so much more than traditional poster sessions“, “a profound shift in how the future will engage with research“.

In this extract from the Able Voice Podcast, Alan Lee and Pam Lansbergen describe the many ways in which Kubify’s platform is supporting a richer, more engaging and accessible approach to poster sessions at their conferences.

Listen or read on below to hear from more conference organisers and associations about why they find Kubify’s Learning Toolbox for ePosters so exciting and valuable.

Professor Sherry Farra

Role: Director of Research for the College of Nursing and Health

Conference: ACHNE

I am working my way through the poster presentations. What a great experience! So much more than traditional poster sessions. I am viewing videos, accessing links and learning so much more than traditional poster sessions.

Great job! The process has been excellent and the poster section is beyond my expectations. I would prefer to always see the posters online. So much richer data presented. Kudos to you.

Meagan Gilliland-Johnson

Role: NASS Senior Manager of Educational Programming

Conference: North American Spine Society (NASS)

Our Society took a big risk in using new software for our ePosters, and we’re delighted to have done so with The Learning Toolbox. Working with their team was easy and enjoyable, and the software is amazing. Using The Learning Toolbox increased visibility and accessibility for ePoster users, drastically cut administrative time, and made an arduous process easy and surprisingly fun. We look forward to working with The Learning Toolbox team again!

Fran Rickenbach

Role: President

Organisation: Management Excellence, Inc.

Kubify’s ePoster Platform helps our clients extend the usefulness of the content provided in both poster and in person presentations. Not having to manage the rental, cost and logistics of rows of posterboards while providing a broader range of information to both on-site participants – often for less than the cost previously spent – makes the ePoster Platform a game changer. The ability to create synergistic discussions between posters of similar content with interested participants enhances the quality of the conference. We also plan to use this platform for webinars following the conference, helping us to extend the content to members unable to travel to the conference.

Nicola Williams

Role: Director

Organisation: Seren Events

Finding and working with the Learning Toolbox software has been a fantastic success for us and the conferences we operate. Since the day we went live with Learning Toolbox for ePosters, we have only ever received positive feedback from the delegates and clients who interact with the system. In fact, the service and communication levels offered by the Kubify Team, to our delegates, is so seamless it has massively cut down the time we need to spend in interacting and helping delegates who are presenting ePosters.

Working with the Kubify Team onsite during a live event is a real delight. They are experts when it comes to their technology and how it is best utilised at the live event, so it brings me great peace of mind that the way they support our delegates and those presenting ePosters, during the live event, fits perfectly within our own delegate care approach and service levels.

Ken Masters

Role: Associate Professor in Medical Informatics and AMEE TEL Committee Member

Conference: An International Association for Health Professions Education (AMEE)

I have been using Kubify’s Learning Toolbox for several years, both for creating my own e-posters for conferences, and also teaching it to my students as a system for e-poster design and creation. It is really a remarkable system. Easy to use, intuitive, powerful and versatile. All these characteristics combine to make an e-poster development environment without equal. I am not surprised that it has won awards, as I am just as sure that it will win many more in the future.

Denis Murphy

Role: ADEE Chief Administrative Officer

Conference: Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE)

ADEE (the Association for Dental Education in Europe) has been using the Learning Toolbox to manage its congress poster sessions since 2018. What drew ADEE to the Learning Tool Box was the limitless creativity it offers users in creating their e-posters making them much more of a learning resource than other options currently available. While there is certainly an upskilling and mind set change required when you first use the Learning Tool Box, the more our delegates use the system the more positive their comments are. Having now used it for three meetings, most delegates create highly interactive e-posters. Using Learning Toolbox for e-poster hosting and presentation has enabled ADEE review and upgrade our poster acceptance process and timelines making them more effective. Additionally it helps us progress in our sustainability and green operating polices. Working with the Kubify team has been a very positive experience as they are only too willing to receive and action feedback and offer guidance and support to the level you require.

Aimee Charnell

Role: ePoster Author and Administrator

Conference: Clinical Education Network

As an ePoster user, I found that having a summary of my work and the theory behind it was useful to have in one place. If anyone asks me about my work even now, a couple of years on, I give them the QR code for my e-poster, which shows the data for my work and provides a PDF of my published paper.’

As an admin of Learning Toolbox, I find working with those creating ePosters easy. I am able to look at their poster in real-time if the user has any questions and give them remote advice.

Lisa Ekstam

Role: Researcher / Lecturer

Organisation: Lund University, Sweden

I vote for Kubify 😊 It was great experience to work with you Tamsin and your platform to enable OT students from universities around Europe to create ePosters within our Erasmus + Strategic Partnership #MIROTS

Trudie Roberts

Role: Professor of Medical Education

Organisation: School of Medicine, University of Leeds

We have used Learning Toolbox’s eposters in both our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and found them to be much more useful than traditional posters. The students found them easy to construct and very useful to have as they can update them. An excellent step forward in this area of presentations.

Nicola White

Role: Senior Project Manager

Organisation: Seren Events and formerly Worldspan

We have worked with Kubify since 2017 and the service they provided is excellent. It allows authors to quickly build highly interactive ePosters filled with videos, presentations and so much more. The online editor is easy to use and the friendly and professional team work closely with all our authors providing support through one to one correspondence, FAQs and webinars.

The creation of mini-posters helps to promote the ePoster sessions but also allows the delegates the opportunity to not be limited by time constraints and to explore ePosters at any time on their own devices.

Working with the Kubify team is a great experience and we have always been extremely impressed with the service that we have received and the quality of the output.

Annie Rowland

Role: Knowledge and Events Manager

Organisation: IMEX Group

The IMEX team found the content stacks provided by Kubify for our roundtable discussion session a useful way to provided added value to our delegates. It gave access to far more and higher quality information and enriched their overall event experience.

Martin Sirk

Role: Director

Organisation: Sirk Serendipity

Business events such as international association congresses are facing an ever-more competitive environment, and one of the key determinants of future success will be organisers’ ability to facilitate intelligent, informed, deeply-interactive discussions between their delegates, who are increasingly passionate about sharing their own knowledge and experiences rather than being content to listen to top-down content delivery. Kubify’s Learning Toolbox provides these organisers and delegates with a simple, intuitive, flexible solution to this challenge. The potential of Learning Toolbox to raise the quality, impact and societal value of business events and to enrich the delegate experience is why I am such a fan of Kubify, and why I became an Expert Advisor to the company.

Event Manager and Organizer

Organisation: National Healthcare Conferences and Events Organisation

Our organisation has been using Learning Toolbox for a few years now. The platform is very user-friendly for both the authors and organisers. The training sessions, learning guides, and FAQs are comprehensive and impressively detailed. But the best part is the Kubify team’s attitude – always approachable, prompt, helpful, and open to suggestions