What are the benefits for authors and delegates?

Authors love how easy Kubify’s Learning Toolbox is to use and how creative they can be in presenting and sharing their work.

In this 5 minute video, Amy, Komal, Nathan and Sytske tell us what they found most valuable about using Kubify’s Learning Toolbox for their conference ePosters.

More feedback from authors and delegates

“That session on ePosters was terrific. All conferences should be using this now.”

“I enjoyed using Learning Toolbox for the poster- it was a really unique way to create something in a fun and interactive way.”

“You can tell it was designed by people who understand conferences and the need for electronic posters that are more than just a Pdf on a screen. The printable mini posters and the online searchable function are excellent features.“

“It was a pleasure to get this nice, easy, rich experience in creating the ePoster, despite many fears that it will be difficult or not working but the opposite was the truth. Through it, we could provide different types of presentations, text, pictures, videos, powerpoints & it was amazing. Really, I enjoyed this experience”

“During these difficult times, it was refreshing to use as an easy and intuitive online platform to communicate our research. The development of innovative platforms such as Kubify are essential to ensure we are able to continue to deliver value for money for publicly funded research whilst we continue to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Institutions should not hesitate to adopt Kubify more widely in education and research communication.”

“Great innovation. Highly recommend @LTBePosters”

“In a time when we are all very apart the opportunity to create ePosters and bring scientists together at a digital conference was invaluable. In addition to this, Kubify’s Learning Toolbox Software enabled the creation of ePosters that go beyond the conventional PDF poster. This allowed me to add in audio and additional material that extended and complimented the poster making it an engaging and interactive experience. Finally, in an environmental conscious world, the option to reduce the need to print and make posters digital is surely the future, even for face-to-face events. A great first experience, which I hope is not the last!”

“Creating my eposter with Kubify was amazingly easy to do. Kubify provided me with the exact tools I needed to make an engaging, rich and resourceful eposter. The process was fun and was aided with a user-friendly interface. Nice work Kubify!”

“Big fan of learning toolbox on modernising e-posters in a slick & sophisticated way”

“This is our first time using @LTBePosters – you can add so much more depth than the usual pdf ePoster!”

“E-posters are the way forward! Great for networking and presenting! #LearningToolbox”
“#learningtoolbox offers so much more than I thought was possible! The prospect of being able to get a little creative is really exciting!”

“Wow, you guys are making a massive difference on the way we present in the medical education world. Have you thought about introducing this platform in the healthcare world? It would truly transform the way medicine and surgery is presented. I actually really loved this platform.”

“Brilliant new platform for ePosters!”

“it was a honor to be able to work with LTB. I really appreciate your videos and support during our making of the eposter!”

“thanks for the amazing beneficial session”

“Thank You for this rapid additional information ! You are doing an amazing job with all the arrangements and support !!”

“Dear ePosters Team, Thank You, for all the help and support. Time and experience were invaluable. Hope to meet you again.”

“I wanted to thank you for your feedback, and the overall organisation. Everything was breathtaking and i am looking forward to next year. “

“It was my very first time creating an e-poster and you were of a great help indeed. I would not have completed it on time if you wouldn’t have responded back to my queries on time. So thank you so much :) I really enjoyed creating it and have been inspired by so many good quality e-posters showcased on the website.”

“We really loved playing around with the features and using all the aspects of the e-poster to share our work it the best ways. Our team really looks forward to sharing it at the conference this month.”

“Took me a while to understand it. The more I used it, more I liked it. All abstracts should be presented in this format.”

“The platform is very convenient and useful. I can see many E-posters of other researchers.”

“This is the way to go! Let’s only do ePosters for Basel [next conference]”.

“ePosters definitely the way to go <…> so much easier to transport and share information!”

“ePosters are a great addition to AMEE <…> Great fun to create too!”

“Presenting ePoster about our clinical skills passport – loved this format”

“Greatly prefer ePosters!! Can review regardless, anywhere, anytime”

“I can’t believe it’s a poster!! Welcome to #ePosters. Your #meded poster will never be the same again!”

“ePosters were great! Loved that they were accessible online, had greater flexibility of includable data, visuals. Easy to share!”

“Enriching experience presenting ePoster. I’ll continue updating to make content richer & useful”

“ making the ePoster was a really fun and enjoyable creative process. And allows me to explain my work much better when I got struck by nerves!”

“Great way to present at a conference @LTBePosters”

“Fantastic #TEL presentations on ePoster format, you need to have a look at these innovative creative resources”

“Smart e-Poster solution for conferences and tradeshows that saves time, resource and space”

“I’ve always found that paper posters are difficult to transport, expensive to print and from the past decade. Welcome #ePosters!! #ecofriendly #timesaving #improvedperformance @LTBePosters”

“Super excited to present <…> ePoster is an excellent idea. No printing and moving posters through airport.”

“engaging poster session using Learning Toolbox”

“LOVING the fabulous toolbox of technology teaching toys”

“all conferences should look seriously at this product for their ePosters”