The current pandemic means that many conferences and events have been sadly cancelled. However, A.T. Still University were able to use Kubify to ensure that their Research Day still went ahead in an innovative online format.

Their research projects (covering important areas such digital dentistry, emotional well-being of dental students, oral hygiene sequencing, barriers to care) were presented as Kubify ePosters. This meant that the authors could include rich background material (videos, methodology documents, links to websites etc.) within their ePoster to help delegates fully understand their work. Such rich ePosters can actually act as a learning resource for others.

The ePosters were presented live during the online conference, but delegates could also easily explore the ePosters before, during and after the conference. Importantly delegates could also post comments and questions to the ePoster and these discussions were attached and became part of the ePoster content. Dr Joan Davis (the Academic Lead for the Research Day) commented that “Kubify’s ePosters gives a unique opportunity to interact with the presenters through chat, as well as being able to access the abstract in many different aspects of the research that the faculty mentor and student researchers did.”

Kubify was delighted to work with ATSU to ensure that their Research Day not only went ahead but also led to the creation of a set of rich content (the ePosters) that is available to others and has a life beyond the conference itself. Sharing and building on each other’s research in this way is incredibly important especially at this time – as ATSU’s report on their successful research day states ‘Our future, our very existence, depends on research’. You can read further details of their Research Day in this American Dental Education Association (ADEA) article.