The availability of Kubify’s ePoster system helped rescue a medical informatics course at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.

Like most academic staff, Ken Masters, Associate Professor of Medical Informatics at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Oman, was caught off-guard by the sudden departure of his students due to COVID-19.  SQU, however, could not afford to let medical courses lapse, so medical students began online learning, or, as is now commonly called “Emergency Remote Learning” (ERL).

But ERL, like any learning, requires assessment, and there should not be only one large assessment at the end of the semester.  The 130+ Medical Informatics II had not yet had their in-course assessment, so the decision was taken to have them create e-posters instead.  The Kubify e-poster would be robust enough for the students to demonstrate their knowledge of various topics, and the skills required to create a good e-poster would also demonstrate their ability to work in teams at short notice.  

The students used Kubify’s Learning Toolbox to create e-posters that were of a suitable quality for the assessment to be a fair reflection of their work.

With the students’ written permission, some of the posters are available here:

We think their ePosters show great creativity and a clever use of the functionality provided within the Learning Toolbox platform – they include a wealth of rich resources, use colour, titles and icons to provide navigation routes and actively encourage the viewers to provide feedback and add additional material.

We thank Ken Masters and his students for agreeing to share their ePosters here. We think that other ePoster authors will find them great examples of how rich an ePoster can become. We also think the content of these ePosters will be useful and interesting for other medical and healthcare students.