Over the summer Learning Toolbox has been used for the ePoster sessions in a wide range of international conferences and national meetings covering topics including medical sciences, engineering, education, technology, music, arts & humanities.

We’ve been very impressed by the creative, engaging and effective ePosters that authors/researchers have created using Learning Toolbox.

To highlight their wonderful work (both the ePoster and the research itself) we have set up the LTB Showcase on which you can find some of these engaging ePosters. We’ve chosen examples where we think the authors have made particularly effective use of the platform. Some of these are simple and engaging ePosters that enhance a traditional poster format with background links & resources. Others are highly interactive ePosters that offer the viewer ways of interacting with the author’s work – providing feedback, exploring online prototypes, submitting your own ideas or links.

The Learning Toolbox platform lets authors create a collection of materials (including multimedia, interactive materials) that they can use to present and share their work. As this showcase demonstrates, there is not one best way of making an ePoster – instead there are many creative and engaging options open to authors and Learning Toolbox allows authors to include the content and choose the approach that suits their work best.

We invite you to explore these wonderful ePosters on the LTB Showcase. You can also follow our #LTBshowcase hashtag on Twitter where we are highlighting one showcase ePoster each day.

We are very grateful to all the authors who have agreed to have their wonderful work shared in the showcase. We are sure their excellent examples will inspire others.