We’re always excited when people spot new and valuable ways to use Learning Toolbox to support their work. It’s been extremely interesting to see the different ways that organisations are using the platform beyond conferences and ePosters.

One example of this is how West Yorkshire Research & Development have used it in their LAMP (Lowering Antimicrobial Prescribing) project. It’s been used to share important guidelines and reports across a network of General Practices (medical centres). In fact it has been one of the key ways they have shared this information during the last year, as everything has moved online. The link that Learning Toolbox provides between the physical and digital worlds (the printed mini-poster with the QR code link to the up-to-date digital information in the ePoster/stack) gives the medical centres a way to ensure that everyone has easy access to this key information without having to search through emails.

You can find a short article (written by Imran Mohammed) giving an update on the LAMP project and its digital transformation in the Blogs section of the West Yorkshire R&D Website.