Jocelyn Nelson smartly shows us just how re-usable a Learning Toolbox conference ePoster can be, by using it after the conference to introduce people to her new textbook.

Jocelyn’s work focuses on the teaching and learning of music appreciation and in particular using approaches to improve engagement and transfer success. She presented some of her work as a Learning Toolbox ePoster at the College of Music Society’s 2020 conference. Her rich, multimedia ePoster contained musical examples and teaching materials that other teachers can adapt and re-use.

And after the conference, her ePoster became one way in which she could introduce people to her work and to her award-winning textbook. She has made a great video introduction to her approach in which she uses the ePoster itself to structure her presentation. Potential readers of her book can find out more both in the video and in the ePoster itself. The ePoster also includes information on how to request a review copy of her textbook.

This is a great way to re-use the ePoster to help share and promote innovative work, such as Jocelyn’s. We love seeing authors take such a creative approach and we hope you enjoy learning more about Jocelyn’s work. You can explore her ePoster here and watch her video below.