MEI discovered Kubify’s Learning Toolbox in 2019 and have been using it creatively and effectively since then within their association meetings and conferences. Fran Rickenbach (MEI President) and Roxy West (MEI Association Management Executive) recently gave a presentation at the AMC Institute’s AMCs Engaged Event in which they describe how their use of Learning Toolbox has evolved over the last 2 years and how it has helped them to deliver really effective association events and education.

In their 15 minute interview-style presentation, they describe their journey including:

  • How Learning Toolbox solved the logistical headaches and cut costs associated with paper poster sessions – both for online AND onsite conferences.
  • How Learning Toolbox helped them to quickly pivot to provide engaging, interactive ePosters in virtual events in 2020.
  • How by “thinking outside the box” they were also able to use Learning Toolbox for their podium presentations, providing an easy way to deliver on-demand, ongoing access to the conference content. This led to an increase in the continuing education provided by the conferences and a doubling of the ROI for attendees.
  • Their creative approach to supporting in-depth discussions of the rich ePoster content, by introducing the notion of “office hours” under the control of the author
  • Their highly successful multi-access approach  – in which they used the Learning Toolbox ePosters onsite in 2022 – allowing authors and delegates both onsite and online access & engagement. Their delegates loved the variety of material in the ePosters, the accessibility of the ePosters, the table-top QR codes and Q&A sessions and were keen to see this ePoster approach used by other conferences as well – “The ease of use of the e-poster was unbelievable. I recommend this for all conferences and in educational settings”.

You can watch their full 15 minute MEI Case Study presentation here: