We could tell you all the reasons that we find Kubify’s ePosters exciting, but it is much more interesting to hear why our customers find Kubify such an exciting platform and how they are using it in their conferences. That’s why we love this conversation from the Able Voice Podcast in which Alan Lee and Pam Lansbergen describe the many ways in which Kubify’s platform is supporting a richer, more engaging and accessible approach to poster sessions. As well as explaining what they find most exciting and valuable about the platform, they also question whether it should be called an ePoster platform at all – the word ePoster doesn’t do it justice! That’s definitely something for us to think about! Its certainly true that our authors create so much more than a flat, PDF ePoster and our customers are using the platform in many innovative ways both in conferences and education.

Many thanks to Hayley and Kim (from Able Voice Podcast) and Alan and Pam (from International Conference Services and the World Congress on Music Therapy) for agreeing to us sharing this extract from their podcast. You can hear the full podcast and learn more about all the other exciting activities planned for WCMT here: https://spoti.fi/3zITJjD