MESA (Meetings and Events Support Association) have found an exciting way of using Kubify to promote their members both online and at trade shows.

All MESA members now create a stack in Kubify’s Learning Toolbox which contains materials (videos, weblinks, audio etc) to introduce viewers to their services and products.

And all the MESA member stacks are published on the MESA showcase, giving event organisers one place where they go to search for and find event suppliers offering great solutions.

MESA is going to be using the showcase at trade shows and in meetings to promote its members work. Individual members can also use their own stack to promote their work by sharing its unique weblink and QR code.

We’re delighted that MESA has found this innovative way of using Kubify beyond ePosters and we love exploring the showcase and finding out more about our fellow MESA members. If you’d like to find out more about the great services offered by MESA members then take a look at the MESA showcase yourself. With more than 40 MESA members covering a wide range of event services (audio-visual, emcee, event apps, marketing, registration and much more), there is lots to explore!


Image showing MESA showcase on a computer and MESA's own stack on a mobile.