Learning & Mobile Engagement

The key solution (use case) we are promoting at the moment is the use of Learning Toolbox as an ePoster platform

However, Learning Toolbox (LTB) is a very flexible tool and can be used in other ways to support learning and mobile engagement:

Images of contexts in which LTB is being used

  • LTB is being used by a construction training company in Germany to support vocational learning.
  • In Estonia LTB was used by IT students as a portfolio to collect and showcase their workplace learning.
  • LTB is being used in the UK as a way of supporting induction and orientation for new staff in hospital settings.
  • LTB been used to support design workshops in Spain.
  • Training companies and organisers of conferences, workshops & meetings are also using LTB as a general conference programme and information sharing tool.

We find that people are inspired by Learning Toolbox and quickly identify creative ways in which they can use the tool to create their own solutions. We’d love to hear your ideas!