What is the Learning Toolbox?

The Learning Toolbox (LTB) is a software platform that allows people from all walks of life to effortlessly build their own mobile learning apps and share them with others. The LTB is particularly well suited for informal learning and learning alongside work. There are however many other application areas beyond education and training where the LTB can make a difference, such as marketing, team collaboration, customer engagement, event organisation and many more.

Some terminology first

There are a few terms you should know before jumping into the deep end. The learning apps you create with the LTB platform are called stacks. A stack can contain one or several screens that are composed of interactive squares and rectangles that we call tiles. Tiles are basically mini-apps that can do specific tasks for the user or that lead to a particular resource. There are different types of tiles in the Stack Editor that you can drag and drop into the screens and configure so they behave the way you want.

The three key elements of the Learning Toolbox

The LTB platform has three key elements: Stack Editor, Tilestore, and LTB App.

  • The Stack Editor, which helps you create learning apps in no time and without any programming skills. These apps can bundle many kinds of multimedia content and online resources from different places, allow users to capture learning experiences and share them with colleagues and friends, adapt to the particular learning situation and context, and offer a variety of communication channels for both users and creators of the apps.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 18.03.26

  • The Tilestore, which allows users to share their learning apps with others. If you are new to the Learning Toolbox, you might want to have a look at the Tilestore to get some inspirations from apps that others have created already.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 18.05.35

  • The LTB App is what you are looking at now. It can host an endless range of learning apps that are created using the Stack Editor.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 17.53.14


The Learning Toolbox app is connected to the Tilestore. On this website the user can access already existing stacks and create new stacks. At the moment the Tilestore is accessed via PC or Laptop, it is not yet possible to create stacks through the mobile app. Messages can, at the moment, also only be posted on the bulletin board via the Tilestore.