Learning Toolbox for ePosters


Learning Toolbox is a versatile online platform for the creation of Mobile Stacks. A Mobile Stack is a mini-app that can be created by anyone without the need of programming skills and is perfect for use as a dynamic ePoster platform for any organisation that is interested in doing more than simply projecting a pdf or other static digital content. Learning Toolbox brings agile methodology within anyone’s reach, providing true context specific and flexible mobile engagement.

Creating ePosters

Learning Toolbox has a powerful and easy to use editor that allows authors to create attractive and dynamic ePosters. The author can add tiles by simply dragging and dropping them onto their ePoster and then finetune them by using the intuitive screens.

ePosters that are under development can be immediately previewed by the author in the Learning Toolbox app and in the web viewer. After publication the author can keep making updates as they see fit.

ePoster content

Apart from simple rich text content an ePoster can contain many different rich elements such as videos, images, audio, apps, presentations, twitter and RSS feeds and links to online resources. The Learning Toolbox editor can automatically find and embed content from various social media platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo and SlideShare.


Learning Toolbox allows for the generation of mini-posters that show a brief summary of the ePoster and the QR code that can be used to load the ePoster in the Learning Toolbox mobile app.

The mini-posters can be presented on a so-called mini-poster wall, that allows participants to browse the ePosters thoughout the conference and load them on thier mobile devices for further exploration and interaction.

Participants can use the QR code scanner that is built into the Learning Toolbox app to immediately load the ePoster into their app and start exploring.

Finding and Exploring ePosters

Participants can find ePosters by scanning them off the mini-poster wall that was mentioned above using their mobile Learning Toolbox app.

Participants can also browse the online showcase that is connected to the event and that will show all the ePosters.

By simply clicking the ePoster’s summary tile, the participant can view and interact with the ePoster from a standard web browser.

The ePosters can be presented by authors directly from the Learning Toolbox platform, allowing their audience to pick up the presented ePoster in their Learning Toolbox app directly and take it with them for deeper exploration, direct communication with the author and to keep updated when the author later chooses to add additional information.

Interacting with ePosters

Learning Toolbox provides a number of ways in which viewers can interact with the ePoster itself, with other viewers and with the ePoster author.

Viewers have the ability to mark an ePoster as one of their favourites, which makes it easier for them to find it back later for further exploration. It also subscribes them to update notifications that can be sent by the ePoster author.

Learning Toolbox allows the author to continuously update their ePoster keeping it a dynamic record of their ongoing work. The authors have the ability to push messages to their ePoster viewers to announce ePoster updates or significant announcements that are related to their work. These messages will show in the Learning Toolbox app’s messages area.

Next to that each ePoster has a dedicated direct messaging area that can be used by all viewers, including the author, to pose questions or to share insights that are related to the ePoster or the authors work.

The ePoster can also contain other interactive elements that allow their viewers to interact with the ePoster itself or with the entire ePoster event, for instance to cast their vote in a Best ePoster competition.


Case Study – ePosters at AMEE 2017

AMEE (The Association for Medical Education) used us to bring ePosters to their large, annual conference in 2017 (Helsinki 26-30th August) and we will be working with them again for their conference in Basel in 2018. You can read a short case study of the ePosters at AMEE 2017. You can also watch (see below) two of the videos that we created for AMEE’s participants, explaining how the ePosters would work at their conference. Our instructional videos for ePoster authors can be found here: http://support.ltb.io/faq/

Introduction to ePosters at AMEE 2017

Exploring ePosters at AMEE 2017

Pitch Video

Want to find out more about our ideas and our vision for ePosters? Watch the very first pitch video we made about Learning Toolbox for ePosters!

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